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Donkeys get back on their feet in Ethiopia

A donkey lies on the muddy ground in obvious pain, her abdomen swollen like a balloon. A small crowd of people gather around, unsure what to do.

This was the disturbing sight our CEO David Cook came across during a recent visit to a clinic funded by The Donkey Sanctuary in Ethiopia to help the donkeys working in

Making ends meet in Ethiopia

Like many people in their village, life was once a daily struggle for 42-year-old Tucha and his wife 37-year-old Yeshi Keskas as they battled to raise nine children in the remote village of Bekejo in Ada district, tucked away in Ethiopia’s Rift Valley.

“As a husband I have great responsibility for all family issues, especially economic welfare,” he says.

Visiting our Ethiopian project

What is the best way to start my first visit to Ethiopia since 2008... of course it is a 14 hour round trip to a wonderful agricultural college in Alage some 225km from Addis Ababa.

Accompanied by two of my colleagues from the UK together with five of our Ethiopian team we travelled in two vehicles from the hustle bustle of the big city right out into a very rural part of the country in the Rift Valley.

No donkey, no water. No water, no family

Today’s blog comes from our team in Ethiopia…

Lying between several big hills and a 30-minute walk from the Blue Nile River is the small Ethiopian village of Wojer. The community relies mainly on mixed livestock and crop production and the village lacks almost all basic infrastructure including electricity, running water – even a bridge to cross the river in order to access the market, health centre and school.

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